Hamilton Farms

From tower to table

Hamilton Farms

Our urban farm

Hamilton Farms operates a traditional ¼ acre urban farm as well as a commercial greenhouse consisting of 61 aeroponic tower gardens capable of growing 2684 plants at a time as well as a spacing saving hydroponic stacked channel system that produces lettuces, micro greens, sprouts, and shoots. Located adjacent to all the Hamilton Hospitality restaurant locations, this state of the art greenhouse maintains the ideal temperature and humidity settings year-round to produce the highest quality produce available in the area.

Where our food is sourced

The ingredients used to produce our menu items are absolutely the freshest available in the Midwest due to much of it being grown in our very own urban farm/orchard and hydroponic/aeroponic greenhouse. In addition, we also tend to several beehives that produce honey and raise chickens for fresh eggs. Our meat and dairy offerings are produced by local Midwest farmers and all of our fresh seafood is flown in daily from either coast.

The Towers at Hamilton Farms


Committed to being green

All our businesses operate in an environmentally responsible and sustainable way and are committed to the following guidelines in doing so:


  • Membership in the St. Louis Green Dining Alliance program
  • Operate our own farm and hydroponic/aeroponic greenhouse
  • Support local farmers which reduces delivery distances and lowers our carbon footprint
  • Use only recycled paper products for all menus and to-go containers
  • Compost all biodegradable food waste as well as straws, toothpicks and paper napkins
  • Recycle paper, glass, plastic, cans, batteries, ink cartridges, light bulbs, electronics, etc.
  • Install low voltage LED lighting and use a 50kw solar photovoltaic power array
  • Invest in Ameren UE Pure Power green energy credits to support wind farms
  • Utilize Powermizer capacitors technology to lower energy spikes during peak usage
  • Support local charities with donations and sustainable educational opportunities
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